NO. Type of event Date/Place Photo/Audience No. of attendees
1. Twinning project days, organized by project ELICSIR 24-25/03/2021 23

Daily newspaper „Blic“, press release about achievements of prof. Stojanovic team in the field of Green electronics

28/07/2021 20000
3. Workshop 1: “Food-based Electronics – from materials to biomedical applications” 30/09/2021 24
4. Group training „Proposals preparation and project management/administration“, held by IIT 15/10/2021 25
Meeting with stakeholder, representative of Institute of Food technologies, Novi Sad 27/10/2021 8
Danube region forum 28/10/2021                – 50
7. National TV RTS1 interview with Prof. Stojanovic in the show „Sarenica, 13/11/2021 1000000
8. 29th Telecommunications Forum, TELFOR 2021 23-24/11/2021               – 50

Interview with Prof. Goran Stojanovic published at portal
23/11/2021 500

The summer school targeting young researchers was organized in the framework of the GREENELIT project, in Novi Sad, Serbia. There were a total of 13 different lectures (8 delivered by male and 5 by female experts) at these events and there were 28 attendees at the first day, 25 at the second day, 24 at the third day and 24 at the fourth day of the summer school.

25/07/2022 – 28/07/2022 28

National TV station (RTS2) broadcasted in the TV show Scientific Compass an interview with Prof. Goran Stojanovic and he spoke about edible electronics and its application in biomedicine

05/11/2022 300000

Scientific TV, BRAINZ TV, broadcasted an interview with prof Goran Stojanovic in show “CV of a scientist” where Prof. Stojanovic talked about the achievements within the GREENELIT project

14/11/2022 50000