The University of Novi Sad (UNS), is the second largest university in Serbia with around 5000 employees and 50000 students. It belongs to the group of comprehensive universities, which are characterized by providing nearly all fields of science. The UNS is the only state university in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, comprising 14 faculties and 3 research & developmental institutes. The UNS possesses a high quality human, material and organizational capacity, allowing hosting of researchers from twinning partners. The University of Novi Sad is rather active in the international collaboration field participating in both educational and research projects and UNS has had 80 EU-funded projects as a coordinator and 245 as a partnering institution in the consortium. Thanks to the support and encouragement of the UNS management, 130 start-up and spin-off companies have been founded over the past 16 years.


Scientist-in-charge: Prof. Goran Stojanović


The Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italian Institute of Technology) (IIT), Italy, is a public research centre that adopts the model of Private Foundation, under the supervision of the Ministry of University and Education and of the Ministry of Economics and Finance, established by Law 326/2003, with the aim of promoting excellence in basic and applied research and encouraging the development of the national economy. IIT consists of approximately 1700 members of staff from more than 60 countries. The scientific staff is represented by about 80% of employees. Average age is 35 years. 41% women and 59% men. In august 2019, IIT received public funding of approximately 91.5 MEUR. In august 2019, IIT has the following number of the active projects: 87 European projects, 39 National projects, 41 Projects with Foundations, 10 International projects and 106 commercial projects. IIT can already count 32 ERC grants since 2009, won by high profile scientists for the creation of cutting-edge science projects. IIT participates in several multi-year programmes funded by Europe for frontier research. The production of IIT boasts more than 12500 publications since 2006. So far, IIT has 853 active patents. These patents refer to 271 inventions. More than 30 start-ups were established.


Scientist-in-charge: Dr. Mario Caironi

The Technical University of Denmark, Denmark (DTU) is one of the largest technical universities in northern Europe. In the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, Engineering in 2017, DTU was ranked as no. 1 in the Nordic Countries, no. 3 in Europe and no. 10 in the world. DTU works across disciplines to create value, welfare, and growth by developing technologies that work in a globalized world, transcending social and cultural differences. More than 6000 employees are currently working at DTU, among them 38% are woman and 38% have international background from 98 nationalities. DTU has 18 departments and 7 research centres on the natural and the technical sciences, where 36% are employed as researchers or educators and 20% are PhD students and remaining is from supporting function. DTU offers 37 bachelor programmes and 31 master programmes in technological and engineering field and approximately 11500 students from 102 nationalities are studying at DTU in various disciplines. More than 80000 publications were registered from DTU in reputed international journals and conferences from different disciplines. In 2018, 87 start-ups were launched by students (52) and researchers (35), based on knowledge from DTU. In addition, DTU has a long record of accomplishment in innovation, IPR handling and administrative support to national and European projects.


Scientist-in-charge: Prof. Dr. Alireza Dolatshahi-Pirouz