Del. no.TitleLead ben.TypeDiss. levelDue date
D1.1Report on performed staff exchangesUNSRPU30
D1.2Report on virtual training providedDTURPU18
D2.1List of publications in previous 3 years in theUNSRCO2
D2.2Report on performed on-site expert visitsUNSRPU36
D2.3Report on organized workshop and seminarUNSRCO18
D2.4Report on organized final conferenceUNSRPU35
D2.5Report on organized group training in proposal writingUNSRCO12
D2.6Report on activities of UNS research management / administration unitUNSRCO12
D2.7Reports on published papers & submitted proposals in the fieldIITRPU36
D3.1Benchmarking assessment reportDTURCO6
D3.2Scientific strategy of UNS for stepping up in the field of Green ElectronicsIITRCO14
D3.3Action plan for implementation of the StrategyUNSRCO18
D4.1Report on organized summer school targeting ESRsUNSRCO21
D4.2Reports on attendance at conferences by ESRsUNSRPU36
D4.3Tutorials and video materials for education of ESRsIITDECPU24
D5.1Setting and updating the Project web site/ social mediaUNSDECPU2
D5.2Report on outreach activitiesUNSRPU36
D5.3Report on exploitation planDTURCO24
D6.1Kick-off meeting minutesUNSRPU3
D6.2Data management planUNSORDPPU6
D6.3Report on Risks for project implementationIITRCO12